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Image by Kelly Sikkema


One of our recent sound healings was about relationships. When we think about our relationships, what comes to mind? We think about our loved ones, people at work, people whom we encounter in our everyday activities, but also our relationships with animals, things in nature, and even inanimate objects. 


But how long does it take us to name the most important relationship of all -- the relationship with ourselves? This is the most important relationship because the way we relate to others is a reflection of how we relate to ourselves. How do we interact with ourselves? Do we speak to ourselves using loving and compassionate words? Do we honor our needs, or do we disregard them, allowing the needs of others to override what we feel in our hearts is right for us? Do we respect our own boundaries, or do we let others cross those lines time and again all in the spirit of keeping the "harmony"?


When we have a healthy, balanced relationship with ourselves, we project that energy out to the world and attract others into our life who support us, and we can support them in a healthy way.


A great way to bring balance into relationships is by practicing the pause. In other words, instead of reacting, try responding. When you are triggered to react, whether through an external or internal prompt, take a moment, and go to your higher self (18-24 inches above your crown chakra), and take yourself out of that lower vibration. You can do this when the other person is present, or it might be easier if you remove yourself from the scene. Breathe deeply into your lower belly. Go for a walk, and get some fresh air before you react automatically, coming from a place of ego. When you are in a higher vibration, it is easier to see the situation objectively and not take things personally or make assumptions. 


Below are some affirmations you can use while meditating, or write them on post-it notes and stick them in places you see every day (bathroom mirror, car, refrigerator, etc.).


- I honor my needs.

- As I respect myself, I give others permission to do the same.

- When I am connected to my higher self, I can see situations objectively.

- My relationships are healthy and balanced.

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